Garden Water Fountains

Our garden shops carry a nice range of unique beautifully designed water fountains; from the classic 2 Tier Girl Holding Jug Fountain to the splendid Mediterranean Pouring Bowls Water Feature and the Stone Surround Pouring Pots Water Feature at only €219.99, we have the garden water fountain you need to complement your garden décor, plants, hedging and flowers. Come visit us in Cork or browse below and Buy Online – for orders over €60 we Deliver Free!
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Price €259.99

Pouring Woodlands Fall.

Item No.GWHMPWFG1635 In stock
Price €370

Stone Surround Pouring Pots Water Feature.

Item No.GWGKPWFX6554 Out of stock
Price €219.99

Tree Trunk Section.

Item No.GWHMPWFD8051 In stock
Price €390