Water Features

Our garden shops in Cork stock a brilliant range of water features and accessories such as Ponds, Water Pumps and Water Fountains. For the perfect garden water feature we offer the 2 Tier Girl Holding Jug Fountain or the Jersey Spilling Bowls feature for only €129.99. We stock a wide range of pumps, weed cures and garden lights to ensure that your water features continue to provide sparkle to your garden. To see our full selection call to us in Cork or browse here and Buy Online – for orders over €60 we Deliver Free!
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2 Tier Girl Holding Jug Founta
Item No. GWHMZMS3445-73 Low stock
€ 1.199,00
4 Pots on Brick Water Feature (120cm)
Item No. GWHMPWF8356-L In stock
€ 470,00
4 Pots on Rock Water Feature (119cm)
Item No. GWHMPWF8359-L In stock
€ 490,00
5" Round Pond Plant Basket
Item No. GWGKHE01013 Out of stock
€ 0,85
5000 Free Flow Pump
Item No. GWGKHGPT8208NET Low stock
€ 199,00
Ammonia Remover (500ml)
Item No. GWGK2633 In stock
€ 19,99
Blagdon Greenaway (250ml)
Item No. GWGKIP2673 In stock
€ 12,50
Blanket Weed Cure
Item No. GWGKAP167B In stock
€ 17,49
Fish Food Variety Sticks (150g)
Item No. GWGKTE751255 Low stock
€ 6,48
Green Genie 2500 Pond Filter
Item No. GWGKLO401 Low stock
€ 127,99
Grey Wall Cascade Water Feature (70cm)
Item No. GWHMPWF4444 In stock
€ 330,00
Indoor Water Feature Pump (275)
Item No. GWGKIP11525 In stock
€ 22,99
Jersey Spilling Bowls Water Feature (46cm)
Item No. GWGKPWFJ1621 In stock
€ 129,99
Laguna PowerJet 11000 Pond Pump
Item No. GWGKHGPT8220NET Low stock
€ 310,00
Laguna PowerJet 2200 Fountain Pump
Item No. GWGKHGPT8200 In stock
€ 114,99
Laguna PowerJet 6000 Pond Pump
Item No. GWGKHGPT8212NET Low stock
€ 245,00
Laguna PowerJet 9000 Pond Pump
Item No. GWGKHGPT8216NET Low stock
€ 270,00
Maria Water Feature (80cm)
Item No. GWHMPWFQ1007 In stock
€ 249,99
€ 259,99
Memphis Spinning Ball Water Feature (45cm)
Item No. GWGKHA9563NET In stock
€ 119,99
Outdoor Water Feature Pump (550)
Item No. GWGKIP4027 In stock
€ 39,95
€ 339,98
Replacement 10w UV Bulb for Green Genie
Item No. GWGKLO3573 In stock
€ 10,00
€ 25,50
Replacement 15w UV Bulb for Green Genie
Item No. GWGKGWGKUV15 In stock
€ 14,96
Replacement 16w UV Bulb for Green Genie
Item No. GWGKGWGKUV16 In stock
€ 15,50
Replacement 18W UV Bulb for Green Genie
Item No. GWGKPT1493 In stock
€ 44,50
Replacement 4w UV Bulb for Green Genie
Item No. GWGKGKUV4 In stock
€ 11,75
€ 12,00
Replacement 8w UV Bulb for Green Genie
Item No. GWGKGKUV8 In stock
€ 10,98