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Our garden shops in Cork stock the best garden essentials at the lowest prices. To help you in your gardening efforts we supply 220Ltr compost bins, biodegradable compost bags, mini soil pH Testers, Work Brite LED Torches and LED Mini and Mega Porta Lights. To see our full catalogue and our garden accessories call to us in Cork or browse below and Buy Online Today!
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€ 39,99
Arbrex Seal & Heal Gel (300g)
Item No. GWUCBY020 In stock
€ 19,99
Bio-degradeable Compost Bags (10pk)
Item No. GWGAG116 In stock
€ 5,95
Butterfly Shaped Doormat (60x40cm)
Item No. GWFSRB201 In stock
€ 12,48
Fruit Tree Grease (200g)
Item No. GWUCVX177 In stock
€ 9,95
LED Mega Porta-Light (310lumens)
Item No. GWSMP3160010 In stock
€ 15,99
LED Mini Porta-Light (220lumen)
Item No. GWSMP3160011 In stock
€ 7,00
Masking Tape 1"
Item No. GWDYPTMASK1 In stock
€ 1,49
Masking Tape 2"
Item No. GWDYPTMASK2 In stock
€ 2,99
Medo Pruning Compound & Sealant (200ml)
Item No. GWUCVX174 In stock
€ 11,50
Mini Soil pH Tester
Item No. GWUCMPT511 Low stock
€ 14,99
Mirco-Fibre Cloths (3pk)
Item No. GWBFAM5355 In stock
€ 4,00
Rose Diecast Post Box
Item No. GWLOGUI024593 In stock
€ 61,99
WD-40 300ml
Item No. GWWT44258WD In stock
€ 7,00
White Horse Post Box
Item No. GWLODEV963326 In stock
€ 59,99
Work Brite LED Torch
Item No. GWCPC7331 In stock
€ 8,00