Garden Accessories

Our garden accessories are essential if you want to keep track of your planting and seeding through the seasons. In our garden shops we stock everything you’ll need, such as, 24 Cell Seed Starter Sets, Biodegradable Grow Pots, plant labels in copper, wood, plastic and paper and Plastic Propagation Lids for only €2.85. Why not get started today and Grow Your Own (GYO) vegetables and plants? Call to us in Cork or browse here and Buy Online.
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Bio-degradeable Grow Pot (10.5cm)
Item No. GWGAW0154 In stock
€ 1,49
Bio-degradeable Grow Pot (13cm)
Item No. GWGAW0162 In stock
€ 2,49
Black Plant Labels 10cm (25pk)
Item No. GWGAW0870 In stock
€ 2,20
€ 2,95
Black Plant Labels 13cm (25pk)
Item No. GWGAW0871 In stock
€ 2,40
Black Plant Labels 13cm (50pk)
Item No. GWGAW0876 In stock
€ 3,26
€ 3,35
Black Plastic Square Tray (60cm)
Item No. GWGAG191B Low stock
€ 10,55
Black Solid Tee Labels (10pk)
Item No. GWGAW0867 In stock
€ 2,51
Coir Pellets (20pk)
Item No. GWGAW0320 In stock
€ 4,98
Copper Tee Plant Labels
Item No. GWGAW0878 In stock
€ 4,76
€ 5,99
Jumbo Black Plastic Garden Tray
Item No. GWGAG15B In stock
€ 9,95
Large Budget Plastic Propagator Lid
Item No. GWGAG144 In stock
€ 2,49
Plastic Propogation Lids
Item No. GWGAW0022 In stock
€ 2,85
Professional Grow Pot (14cm)
Item No. GWGAW0112 Low stock
€ 1,50
Professional Grow Pot (17cm)
Item No. GWGAW0116 In stock
€ 1,76
Professional Growing Pots (12pk)
Item No. GWGAW0058 In stock
€ 5,99
Slate Plant Labels
Item No. GWGAW0864 In stock
€ 7,24
Waterproof Plant Label Marker (black)
Item No. GWGAW0850 In stock
€ 3,99
€ 2,61
€ 2,51
€ 3,49
€ 2,74