Bird Food

We carry a huge selection of Bird Food in our Cork garden shops. We stock everything from 1K bags of Peckish Robin Insect Seed for only €4.00 to 20kg boxes of Vadigran Wild Bird Seed and Peckish Energy Fat Balls – all full of protein and great for birds.  To help birds stay healthy, especially in wintertime and to see all of our bird care products call to us in Cork City, Fermoy and Bandon or browse below and Buy Online Today!
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1kg Blue Tit Seed Blend
Item No. GWWL60050202 Low stock
€ 4,00
1kg Robin/Insect Seed
Item No. GWWL60050201 In stock
€ 4,00
300g Peanut Feeder
Item No. GWWL60051271 In stock
€ 5,99
400g Seed & Nut Mix Feeder
Item No. GWWL60051251 In stock
€ 5,99
50 Energy Balls Refill Box
Item No. GWWL60051245 In stock
€ 10,99
50 Energy Fat Balls
Item No. GWWL60051237 In stock
€ 12,99
Complete Seed & Nut 2kg + 50%
Item No. GWWL60050139 In stock
€ 6,99
Dried Mealworms (1kg)
Item No. GWWL60052103 In stock
€ 24,99
Extra Goodness Balls 50
Item No. GWWL60051414 In stock
€ 14,99
Extra Goodness Fat Balls 6+6 Free
Item No. GWWL60051412 In stock
€ 3,99
Natural Balance Seed 5kg
Item No. GWWL60051267 In stock
€ 12,99
Nyjer Seed (25kg)
Item No. GWUC0100140 In stock
€ 55,00
Nyjer Seed (2kg)
Item No. GWWL60051201 In stock
€ 8,99
Nyjer Seed (5kg)
Item No. GWUC80593 In stock
€ 17,49
Peanuts (5kg)
Item No. GWUC80596 In stock
€ 16,99
Peanuts 2kg
Item No. GWUC80594 In stock
€ 6,99
€ 4,99
€ 19,99
€ 6,99
Peckish Sunflower Hearts (12.75kg)
Item No. GWWL60051104 In stock
€ 37,99
Peckish Sunflower Seed 1.25kg
Item No. GWWL60051109 In stock
€ 7,99
Suet 'n' Seed Hanging Doughnut
Item No. GWTCBFB641 In stock
€ 2,99
€ 24,99
Wildbird Food 1kg
Item No. GWUC2000153C12 Out of Stock
€ 2,49
Wildbird Peanuts (25kg)
Item No. GWUC80598 Low stock
€ 59,99