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Our Garden Shop stocks a huge bird feeder range; we also stock a large variety of bird food containers, dispensers and the perfect bird table for any sized garden. We all know the life and joy birds bring to our gardens so our collection of bird care products are perfectly designed to attract and take care of them, for example, our Flip Top Fat Ball Feeder and Easy Assemble and Easy Extend Bird Table. To see all of our bird care accessories, call to us in Cork or browse below and Buy Online - for orders over €60 we will Deliver Free!
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2 port Flip Top Seed Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO1234 In stock
€ 7,00
All Weather 3 Seed Chamber Feeder
Item No. GWWL60053042 In stock
€ 24,98
All Weather Large Niger Feeder
Item No. GWWL60053027 Low stock
€ 19,99
Beach Hut Nesting Box Blue
Item No. GWWLAO1681 In stock
€ 22,99
€ 13,00
Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush
Item No. GWFSFB528 In stock
€ 4,00
€ 10,98
Easy Extend Bird Table
Item No. GWWL60051276 In stock
€ 49,99
Flick 'n' Click 2 port Seed Feeder
Item No. GWTCCS042 In stock
€ 7,49
Flick 'n' Click 4 port Seed Feeder
Item No. GWTCCS043 In stock
€ 10,00
Flick 'n' Click Nyjer Seed Feeder
Item No. GWTCCS045 Low stock
€ 7,49
Flip Top Fat Ball Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO4242 In stock
€ 7,00
Flip Top Nyjer Seed Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO1236 In stock
€ 7,00
Flip Top Sunflower Hearts Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO4249 In stock
€ 6,99
Flit Top Suet/Mealworm Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO4298 Low stock
€ 6,99
Large 4 port Flip Top Seed Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO1235 In stock
€ 8,99
Melrose Peanut Feeder
Item No. GWTCBF071 Low stock
€ 15,99
€ 15,99
Peckish Fat Ball/Nugget Feeder
Item No. GWWL60053010 In stock
€ 16,99
€ 10,98
€ 39,95
Squirrel Baffle
Item No. GWTCSQ015 In stock
€ 23,51
€ 4,49
westwood nest box
Item No. GWWL60051241 In stock
€ 37,99