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Our Garden Shop in Cork carries everything you need in pet care products and wildlife accessories including bird accessories, bee accessories and bird food. From ‘Dogs Body’ Dog Shampoo to the Large 4 Port Flip Top Seed Feeder, a huge range of Peckish Bird Food and the Classic Beekeeping Hood and Jacket – we stock it. Call to us in Fermoy, Bandon and Cork City or browse here and Buy Online – for orders over €60 we offer free delivery!
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'Dogs Body' Dog Shampoo
Item No. GWGLADB250 In stock
€ 7,00
1kg Blue Tit Seed Blend
Item No. GWWL60050202 In stock
€ 4,00
1kg Robin/Insect Seed
Item No. GWWL60050201 In stock
€ 4,00
2 port Flip Top Seed Feeder
Item No. GWWLAO1234 In stock
€ 7,00
300g Peanut Feeder
Item No. GWWL60051271 In stock
€ 5,99
400g Seed & Nut Mix Feeder
Item No. GWWL60051251 In stock
€ 5,99
50 Energy Balls Refill Box
Item No. GWWL60051245 In stock
€ 10,99
50 Energy Fat Balls
Item No. GWWL60051237 In stock
€ 12,99
All Weather 3 Seed Chamber Feeder
Item No. GWWL60053042 In stock
€ 24,98
All Weather Large Niger Feeder
Item No. GWWL60053027 Low stock
€ 19,99
Beach Hut Nesting Box Blue
Item No. GWWLAO1681 In stock
€ 22,99
€ 13,00
Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush
Item No. GWFSFB528 In stock
€ 4,00
Black Twist-on Cap
Item No. GWALT063FB In stock
€ 0,15
Blue Padded Dog Lead (large)
Item No. GWGL13132 In stock
€ 9,99
Brown Dots Dog Lead (small)
Item No. GWGL11296 In stock
€ 5,99
€ 10,98
Butterfly House Silhouette
Item No. GWFSWA39 In stock
€ 11,99
Check Quilted Dog Jacket (25cm)
Item No. GWGL14018 In stock
€ 13,99
Chubby Chimp Dog Toy
Item No. GWGL22047 In stock
€ 10,00
Classic Hood and Jacket
Item No. GWMEHATVEILOC Low stock
€ 65,99
Clear Glass Jars (34cl)
Item No. GWALSG018 In stock
€ 0,54
Complete Seed & Nut 2kg + 50%
Item No. GWWL60050139 In stock
€ 6,99
€ 12,99
Dougie Deli Dog Toy
Item No. GWGL21010 Low stock
€ 9,99
Dried Mealworms (1kg)
Item No. GWWL60052103 In stock
€ 24,99
Easy Extend Bird Table
Item No. GWWL60051276 In stock
€ 49,99
Eukanuba Medium Sized Puppy Food (2kg)
Item No. GWGKEK146270 In stock
€ 13,99
€ 13,99
€ 13,99