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Shearing, edging and trimming are essential to keep a healthy beautiful garden. Our Lawn Hand Tools and Lawn Edging Tools give you the precise garden tools that you need. Edging gives you cleaner lawn lines, with tidy weed-free borders that don't distort the shape and structure of your lawn's edges, to keep both your lawn and your garden looking good in every season call to our garden shops in Cork or Buy Online Today – for orders over €60 we Deliver Free.

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Gardena Comfort Grass Shears
Item No. GWLD8735-30 In stock
€ 42,50
Hand Held Swivel Shears
Item No. GWDLDP50 Out of stock
€ 15,95
Hand-held Grass Shears 180
Item No. GWWTRILL In stock
€ 30,00
Heavy-Duty Lawn Spiker
Item No. GWGAW1754 In stock
€ 49,95
Lawn Edge Trimmer
Item No. GWWTRBM In stock
€ 64,99
Lawn Spike Shoes
Item No. GWGAW1750 In stock
€ 17,99
Long Handle 3 in 1 Swivel Head Shears
Item No. GWDLDP149 In stock
€ 29,99
Telescopic Lawn Edging Shears
Item No. GWDLDP812 In stock
€ 36,99
Telescopic Lawn Shears
Item No. GWDLDP811 In stock
€ 36,99
True Temper Lawn Edger
Item No. GWTTTTW-LE In stock
€ 18,98
Wolf Garten Push Cylinder Mower
Item No. GWWTWPCM-F Low stock
Wolf Garten
€ 109,99