Garden Ornaments

To add to the characters and character of your garden we have a range of expertly posed, durable and hand finished realistic animal garden ornaments. Maybe a lifelike Prowling Fox, a Running Hare or a colourful life-size Duckling would coexist with your night time garden lighting? These animal garden ornaments add adventure to your garden. Our range of T Cup Labradors and T Cup King Charles Puppies make very loving garden gifts. To bring life to your garden or to choose a great gift, visit our garden shops or browse here and Buy Online; for orders over €60 we offer Free Delivery!
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Basset Hound Pup
Item No. GWVAPP-BASS-F Low stock
€ 12,71
Beagle Puppy
Item No. GWVAPP-BEAG-F In stock
€ 13,99
Bull Terrier A
Item No. GWVAXRL-BLTE-A Low stock
€ 105,01
Jack Russell Terrier
Item No. GWVAXRL-JACK-A Out of Stock
€ 49,95
Prowling Fox A
Item No. GWVAXRL-PFOX-A In stock
€ 149,49
Prowling Fox D
Item No. GWVAXRL-PFOX-D Out of Stock
€ 37,90
Real Life Baby Donkey D
Item No. GWVAXRL-BDON-D Low stock
€ 35,99
Real Life Summer Hen
Item No. GWVAXRL-CHKN-D In stock
€ 23,95
Rl Sitting Cat Tabbyb
Item No. GWVAXRL-SC33-B Low stock
€ 39,99
Robin on a Garden Tool
Item No. GWVABG-TROW-F Out of Stock
€ 9,95
Running Hare
Item No. GWVAXRL-HARE-A Out of Stock
€ 61,50
T Cup G Labrador
Item No. GWVATP-LABR-F Low stock
€ 16,25
Tcup King Charles F
Item No. GWVATP-KCSP-F In stock
€ 15,50