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Alsation Sitting
Item No. GWVAXRL-GSHE-A Out of stock
€ 129,00
Basset Hound Pup
Item No. GWVAPP-BASS-F Low stock
€ 12,71
Beagle Puppy
Item No. GWVAPP-BEAG-F In stock
€ 11,99
Chihuahua Puppy/Basket
Item No. GWVABP-HUAH-F Out of stock
€ 13,75
Door Mat 'Peek-a-Boo'
Item No. GWFSRB196 Out of stock
€ 10,99
Item No. GWVANF-DKLG-F Low stock
€ 5,50
Easter Chick F
Item No. GWVANF-CHICK-F Out of stock
€ 4,99
€ 55,00
Gardman Paddington Outdoor Clock
Item No. GWWL17238 In stock
€ 29,99
Giant Tortoise
Item No. GWVAXRL-GTRT-B Out of stock
€ 89,99
€ 12,50
Glenview Golden Flint Decorative Stone (25kg bag)
€ 9,95
Glenview Litegold Decorative Stone 10mm (25kg bag)
Item No. GWGVLITEGOLD 10MM In stock
€ 6,75
Greenwich St Wall Clock/Ther
Item No. GWSMP5063020 Low stock
€ 99,99
Hanging Blue Tit Acorn Box/4
Item No. GWVAHGF-034 Out of stock
€ 18,75
Hanging Red Macaw
Item No. GWVAHGF-012 Out of stock
€ 18,75
Hanging Robin Acorn Feeder
Item No. GWVAHGF-033 Low stock
€ 18,75
Old Style Bucket 5ltr (zinc)
Item No. GWFSOZ47 In stock
€ 11,75
Old Style Bucket 9.5ltr (zinc)
Item No. GWFSOZ48 In stock
€ 14,95
Old Style Duck Mouth Water Jug (zinc)
Item No. GWFSOZ27 In stock
€ 10,95
Old Style Watering Can 3.5ltr (zinc)
Item No. GWFSOZ44 In stock
€ 19,95
Old Style Watering Can 6.5ltr (zinc)
Item No. GWFSOZ45 Low stock
€ 23,95
Open Pine Cone Robin D
Item No. GWVABC-OPC1-D Low stock
€ 17,95
Plant Palls Robin
Item No. GWVAXGPB-PPRB Low stock
€ 4,75
Pp Brown Shihtzu Puppy/Basket
Item No. GWVABP-STZU-F Out of stock
€ 13,20
Pp Kitten Mixed
Item No. GWVAPP-KT31-F Out of stock
€ 11,99
Pp Pug Puppy/Basket
Item No. GWVABP-PUGG-F Out of stock
€ 13,75
Prowling Fox A
Item No. GWVAXRL-PFOX-A Out of stock
€ 149,50
Prowling Fox D
Item No. GWVAXRL-PFOX-D In stock
€ 37,90
PVC Door Mat Cat Design (choice of 2)
Item No. GWFSRB191 Out of stock
€ 10,99