Gardening Gloves

Our Garden Shop stocks high quality Thornmaster Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves in all sizes from small, medium, large to extra-large. Gardening is extremely satisfying and a great way to relax, but lurking in that pleasant environment are some nasty bacteria and fungi, with the potential to cause you serious harm; this is why it’s essential to wear a good quality pair of gardening gloves. Also, when using certain surface cleaners and pest controls wearing garden gloves is essential to protect your skin. Call to us in Cork or Buy Online Today!
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Draper Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves.

Item No.TLD8262-VM In stock
Price €9.9

Emmy Floral Garden Gloves.

Item No.GWAJEMMY-VM In stock
Price €9.99

Lime Green Garden Gloves.

Item No.GWAJP5-VM In stock
Price €9.99

Navy Blue Garden Gloves.

Item No.GWAJBLUE-VM In stock
Price €9.99

Rose Garden Gloves.

Item No.GWAJPROSE-VM In stock
Price €9.99

Showa "All Weather" Gloves.

Item No.GWUCSHOG-VM In stock
Price €15.99

Showa Thornmaster Gloves.

Item No.GWUCSHOG35-VM In stock
Price €7