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210L Water Butt Set
Item No. GWUCGRAF005 In stock
€ 65,00
60m Assembled Hose cart & 30m hose + Starter Set
Item No. HZ2434 In stock
€ 68,00
Aquarius 1.5ltr Watering Can (assorted colours)
Item No. GWEO5380150023500 Out of stock
€ 6,99
Garden Hose HOZELOCK Ultramax diam. 12.5 X 25M
Item No. HZ116241PLUS In stock
€ 38,99
Gardena 15M Hose,13mm Diameter
Item No. GWLD18000-20 In stock
€ 19,99
Gardena 2 In 1 Gun Nozzle
Item No. GWLD18301-20 Low stock
€ 18,98
Gardena 30M Classic Hose 12Yr
Item No. GWLD18009-20 Out of stock
€ 34,99
Gardena 30M Super Flex Hose
Item No. GWLD18096-20 In stock
€ 69,99
Gardena Adj Spray Nozzle
Item No. GWLD18300-20 In stock
€ 9,75
Gardena Aquaroll M
Item No. GWLD18511-20 Low stock
€ 84,95
Gardena Aquaroll M Easy
Item No. GWLD18515-20 In stock
€ 105,00
Gardena Classic Hose 50 M
Item No. GWLD18010-20 Out of stock
€ 54,99
Gardena Cleaning Nozzle
Item No. GWLD18305-20 In stock
€ 35,01
Gardena Flex Hose 15Mtr
Item No. GWLD18031-20 Out of stock
€ 20,99
Gardena Flex Hose 30M
Item No. GWLD18036-20 Out of stock
€ 38,99
Gardena Flex Hose 50M
Item No. GWLD18039-20 Out of stock
€ 69,99
Gardena Hose Connector
Item No. GWLD18215-20. In stock
€ 7,95
Gardena Spray Set
Item No. GWLD18288-20 In stock
€ 16,99
Gardena Textile Hose 15Mtr
Item No. GWLD18430-20 In stock
€ 69,99
Gardena Threaded Tap/Snap Conn
Item No. GWLD18285-20 In stock
€ 19,51
Gardena Water Stop
Item No. GWLD18213-20 In stock
€ 9,95
Green Plastic Watering Can with Rose (10ltr)
Item No. GWITPVCWATCAN1.75 In stock
€ 7,99
Hose end connector HOZELOCK
Item No. HZ2070 In stock
€ 3,50
Hose end connector HOZELOCK AquaStop
Item No. HZ2075 In stock
€ 3,69
Hose repair connector HOZELOCK
Item No. HZ2100 In stock
€ 3,61
€ 49,99
Recycled Lime Green Watering Can (10ltr)
Item No. GWEO93802539700 Out of stock
€ 16,99
Rose Spray Starter Set HOZELOCK
Item No. HZ2353 Out of stock
€ 17,50
Tap connector HOZELOCK
Item No. HZ2184 In stock
€ 5,99