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To keep your garden safe and thriving we supply a wide selection of pest control products in our garden shops in Cork. Whether it’s the highly effective Antstop Bait Station or the Bug Clear Ultra Spray for your plants, or rodent traps, we have the solution to your problems. We also supply Resolva Path and Patio Weedkiller to accompany our lawn maintenance weed and mosskiller products. To see our full selection of pest control supplies and more browse here and Shop Online!
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Antstop Bait Station 2 Baits/
Item No. GWWH4101514 Low stock
€ 6,95
Bug Clear Ultra RTU Gun (1ltr)
Item No. GWWH4101371 In stock
€ 10,00
€ 15,99
€ 3,99
DeadFast Easy Set Wooden Rat Trap
Item No. GWWL20300402 In stock
€ 5,95
DeadFast Power-Kill Re-Useable Rat Trap
Item No. GWWL20300403 In stock
€ 8,99
Easy Setting Metal Mouse Trap
Item No. GWHYP32106 In stock
€ 2,99
Easy-Set Rat Trap Box
Item No. GWHYP32109 In stock
€ 19,99
Fungus Clear Ultra Concentrate (225ml)
Item No. GWWH4104262 In stock
€ 14,99
Fungus Clear Ultra RTU (1ltr)
Item No. GWWH4104472 In stock
€ 10,98
Grazers 375Ml
Item No. GWUCGRAZ04 Out of Stock
€ 18,50
Hytrol Path & Drive Weedkiller (500ml)
Item No. GWHYG60177 Low stock
€ 19,99
Kill Vault Mouse Trap (Twin Pack)
Item No. GWWL20300400 In stock
€ 10,98
Mouse Killer Pre-Baited (Twin Pack)
Item No. GWWL20300457 In stock
€ 12,99
€ 21,99
€ 10,46
Nippon Wast Nest Foam 300Ml
Item No. GWUCVX253 In stock
€ 6,25
€ 14,94
Organic Slug Bait (350g)
Item No. GWUCBY008 In stock
€ 7,98
€ 19,35
Plug In Repellar 1 Room
Item No. GWHYP32122 In stock
€ 14,99
Plug-In Rodent Sonic Repellers (Twin Pack)
Item No. GWWL20300404 In stock
€ 19,99
Potato Blight Control (100ml)
Item No. GWUCBY098 In stock
€ 19,99
Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer RTU (1ltr)
Item No. GWUCBY009 Low stock
€ 8,99
Rat & Mouse Killer (15 Blocks)
Item No. GWWL20300452 In stock
€ 12,99
Rat & Mouse Killer (15 Sachets)
Item No. GWWL20300451 In stock
€ 10,98
Rat Trap Metal
Item No. GWHYP32107 In stock
€ 3,49
€ 19,99
Resolva 24hr Weedkiller RTU (1ltr)
Item No. GWWL20300466 In stock
€ 7,98
Resolva Path & Drive Weedkiller (3ltr)
Item No. GWWL20300516 In stock
€ 21,00