Our garden shop stocks fertiliser that will breathe life back into your garden and your vegetables, for example, Vitax Copper Mixture for garden crops suffering from trace element deficiencies, Westland Bone Meal for stronger roots and Vitax Garden Lime for a source of calcium and magnesium. Our extensive range of lawn fertilisers are competitively priced and vital to your lawn maintenance. We’re open in Cork City, Bandon and Fermoy or Buy Online – we deliver free for orders over €60!
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Bone Meal (1.5kg)
Item No. GWWL20600004 Low stock
€ 7,00
Copper Mixture (172g)
Item No. GWUCVX172 In stock
€ 4,99
Fish, Blood & Bone (1.5kg)
Item No. GWWL20600010 Out of Stock
€ 7,00
Fish, Blood & Bone (10kg)
Item No. GWWL20600009 Low stock
€ 21,99
Garden Lime (3kg)
Item No. GWUCVX131 In stock
€ 6,99
€ 6,75
Growmore (10kg)
Item No. GWWL20600019 Low stock
€ 17,99
Growmore 1.5Kg
Item No. GWWL20600020 Out of Stock
€ 7,00
€ 18,50
Nature Safe Live Soil Probiotic (125ml)
Item No. GWHYG60147 In stock
€ 7,98
Organic Chicken Manure 2.25kg + 25%
Item No. GWWL201000421 In stock
€ 7,00
€ 12,99
€ 4,00
€ 6,99
€ 21,99
Root Grow 150G
Item No. GWUCRG150 Out of Stock
€ 8,99
Rootgrow 360g
Item No. GWUCRG360 Out of Stock
€ 17,99
Soil Renew (1.5Kg)
Item No. GWSR1.5KG In stock
€ 14,99
Soil Renew (10kg)
Item No. GWSR10KG In stock
€ 52,99
Soil Renew (3kg)
Item No. GWSR3KG In stock
€ 24,99
Soil Renewal (200g)
Item No. GWSR200GR In stock
€ 5,99
Sulphate of Ammonia (1.5kg)
Item No. GWWL20600026 In stock
€ 7,00
Sulphate of Iron (1.5kg)
Item No. GWWL20600027 Low stock
€ 7,00
Sulphate of Potash (1.5kg)
Item No. GWWL20600028 In stock
€ 7,00
Superphosphate (1.5kg)
Item No. GWWL20600032 In stock
€ 7,00
Top Buxus Grow (500g)
Item No. GWUCTOP050 In stock
€ 5,50