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The Atkins garden shop, Gardenworld, is a spacious and bright shop for all gardening needs.  From Garden Furniture to packets of seed and all points in between, Atkins supply products and have subject matter experts available to answer any gardening questions.
Garden furniture - Amalfi, Palma, Berkley are among the furniture types featured in our extensive floor and garden display area.  We also specialise in Weber barbecues, with a broad selection of gas and charcoal models. Other equipment for the Garden include Vitavia greenhouses, Gardena Hand tools and Hozelock watering systems. A full range of products for use in the garden is available.  To complement garden plants, vegetables and shrubs, we also offer a selection of ornaments and water features.  We also have a large selection of organic fertilisers, composts and top soil available for all garden enthusiasts.

Seasons' Café is also a vibrant presence, with scrumptious coffee and a cosy relaxing atmosphere. It’s a perfect meeting spot for friendly chats or pop in and read a book after a walk along the Lee fields! With Freshly Baked Scones and Pastries, Homemade Soups and Salads and a delicious vibrant deli, Seasons' Café will always have a warm welcome for visitors.
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Dreaming Cat Grey
Item No. GWVAXRL-DC27-B Out of stock
€ 35,50
Amalfi Oval 6 Seater Set (maize)
Item No. GWHRAMOVALMAIZE/WX6 Out of stock
€ 1.449,00
Wildbird Peanuts 25Kg
Item No. GWUC80598 Low stock
€ 59,95
1.5Kg Bonemeal
Item No. GWWL20600004 In stock
€ 6,99
1.5kg Fish, Blood & Bone
Item No. GWWL20600010 Low stock
€ 6,99
10 Kg Organic Plant Food
Item No. GWNADORGA10 In stock
€ 16,99
10" Provence Plastic Planter (green)
Item No. GWAEH131P-BRG In stock
€ 5,99
10" Provence Plastic Planter (ruby red)
Item No. GWAEH131-RR In stock
€ 5,99
100Cm Wood Handle
Item No. GWWTZM100W In stock
€ 21,50
12" Provence Plastic Planter (green)
Item No. GWAEH132P-BBG In stock
€ 7,99
12" Provence Plastic Planter (ruby red)
Item No. GWAEH132P-RR In stock
€ 7,99
13.5" Provence Plastic Planter (green)
Item No. GWAEH133P-BRG In stock
€ 9,99
13.5" Provence Plastic Planter (red)
Item No. GWAEH133P-RR In stock
€ 9,99
15kg Parasol Base
Item No. GWML15KGBASE Out of stock
€ 34,99
16Cm M/Change Handle
Item No. GWWTZM02 In stock
€ 6,25
2 Robins On Branch
Item No. GWVH6504 In stock
€ 9,50
2 Tier Girl Holding Jug Founta
Item No. GWHMZMS3445-73 Low stock
€ 1.199,00
2.7mtr Cream Parasol
Item No. GWMLMVR-927 Low stock
€ 64,99
2.7mtr Parasol (Azure Blue)
Item No. GWCIPASCAZ269 Out of stock
€ 39,99
20 Kg Vadigran Wild Bird Seed
Item No. GWUCVAD003 In stock
€ 27,95
210L Water Butt Set
Item No. GWUCGRAF005 In stock
€ 65,01
23Cmo-D Laser Rotating
Item No. GWPELV171524 In stock
€ 56,49
3.50x8 Wheelbarrow Tyre & Tube
Item No. MSG2075 In stock
€ 18,00
32Cm M/Change Handle
Item No. GWWTZM04 In stock
€ 7,99
3mtr Wisteria Parasol
Item No. GWKTPW30-929 Out of stock
€ 125,00
4 Source Parasol Mounted Electric Heater
Item No. GWTTU3-R20 Out of stock
€ 140,00
4000 Free Flow Pump
Item No. GWGKHGPT8204NET In stock
€ 182,95
40cm Aegean Glazed Bowl (charcoal)
Item No. GWAEXDL-0886FC In stock
€ 24,99
40cm Aegean Glazed Bowl (olive)
Item No. GWAEXDL-0886PO In stock
€ 24,99
40cm Aegean Glazed Bowl (powder blue)
Item No. GWAEXDL-0886PB In stock
€ 24,99
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