Garden Multi Tools

Atkins is Ireland’s leading supplier of garden machinery and garden multi tools from well-known brands such as Echo, Honda, and Husqvarna. Multitools help homeowners and commercial groundscare professionals achieve more with less - one tool for trimming, pruning, edging, and more. 
We carry battery powered and petrol powered combis and multitool engine units as well as a wide range of attachments such as hedge cutters, pruners, tillers, edgers, weed scissors, pole saws, trimmers, sweepers, blowers, brushcutters, and more. Experience quality results and reduce clutter in your garage or tool shed at the same time. 
Customers in Ireland can take advantage of our free delivery services for all orders over €60. 
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Echo Multitool 3ft Extension
Item No. EOMTA-3EXT In stock
Echo Watt
€ 70,00
€ 121,95 Not available
Echo Multitool Lawn Edger Attachment
Item No. EOMTA-LE/E Low stock
Echo Watt
€ 184,99
Echo Multitool Long Hedgetrimmer Attachment
Item No. EOMTA-AH-HD In stock
Echo New 21" / 54cm inch Watt
€ 399,00
Echo Multitool Power Brush Attachment
Item No. EOMTA-PS Low stock
Echo Watt
€ 500,00
Echo Multitool Power Pruner Attachment
Item No. EOMTA-PP/E In stock
Echo Watt
€ 240,00
Echo Multitool Short Hedgetrimmer Attachment
Item No. EOMTA-AHS-HD Out of Stock
Echo 21" / 54cm inch Watt
€ 349,00
Echo Multitool Tiller Attachment
Item No. EOMTA-TC Low stock
Echo Watt
€ 350,00
€ 155,00
Echo PAS-2620ES Multitool Power Unit
Item No. EOPAS-2620ES In stock
Echo Two Stroke Watt
€ 389,00
Honda UMC425 Versatool
Item No. HOUMC425 In stock
Honda Petrol 25 Watt
€ 499,00
Honda UMC425 Versatool + Brushcutter Attachment
Item No. SANATEMP46 In stock
Honda Yes Petrol 25 Watt
€ 709,54 -29,53% € 500,00
Honda Versatool SSBC Brushcutter Attachment
Item No. HOSSBC In stock
Honda Watt
€ 199,00
€ 299,00
Honda Versatool SSCL Cultivator Attachment
Item No. HOSSCL Low stock
Honda Watt
€ 359,00
€ 0,00 Not available
Honda Versatool SSESLE 100cm Extension
Item No. HOSSESLE Low stock
Honda Watt
€ 149,00
Honda Versatool SSESSE 50cm Extension
Item No. HOSSESSE Low stock
Honda Watt
€ 0,00
€ 269,00
€ 359,00
Honda Versatool SSHHSE Hedge Trimmer S Attachment
Item No. HOSSHHSE In stock
Honda Watt
€ 329,00
€ 299,00
Husqvarna 129LK Combi (inc. Trimmer Attachment)
Item No. HV129LK In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke Watt
€ 315,00
Husqvarna 325iLK Battery Combitool
Item No. HV325ILK In stock
Husqvarna Battery Watt
€ 395,00
Husqvarna 525LK Combi (Engine Unit Only)
Item No. HV525LK In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke 25 Watt
€ 425,00
Husqvarna 535LK Combi (engine unit only)
Item No. HV535LK In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke 35 Watt
€ 650,01
Husqvarna BA101 Blower Attachment
Item No. HVBA101 Low stock
Husqvarna Watt
€ 170,00
€ 450,00
Husqvarna CA230 Tiller Attachment
Item No. HVCA230 Low stock
Husqvarna Watt
€ 245,00
€ 457,44