Echo & Husqvarna Pole Saws

Pruning branches, roots, and roots is made all the easier with high-quality pole saws. Reach over 1.2 m away without straining your back or putting yourself in danger with our ergonomic and lightweight pole saws and extension attachments. 
Atkins carries telescopic pruning attachments and hedge cutting attachments which can be applied to Husqvarna pole saws with ease, bringing further functionality and flexibility. See our section for cordless battery pole saws. 
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Echo 4ft (1.2m) Pole Pruner Extension
Item No. EOPPT-999442-00023 Low stock
Echo inch cm Watt
€ 199,00
Echo Hedge Cutting Attachment For Power Pruner
Item No. EOPPA-AH-HD Out of Stock
Echo inch cm Watt
€ 399,00
Echo PPT-2620HES Telescopic Power Pruner
Item No. EOPPT-2620HES In stock
Echo Two Stroke inch Pole Saw cm Watt
€ 759,00
Husqvarna 115iPT4 Battery Pole Saw Kit
Item No. HV115IPT4 KIT Out of Stock
Husqvarna New Battery inch cm Watt
€ 340,00
Husqvarna 525P4S Pole Saw
Item No. HV525P4S Low stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke 12"/30cm inch 25 cm 1000 Watt
€ 785,00
Husqvarna 525PT5S Pole Saw
Item No. HV525PT5S In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke 10"/25cm inch 25 Pole Saw 397 cm 1000 Watt
€ 850,00