Blowers, Vacuums & Sweepers

Atkins is your top choice in Ireland for blowers, vacuums, & sweepers from our garden machinery specialists in Cork, Bandon, Fermoy, and Birr. We carry products from well-known brands such as Ariens, Billygoat, Echo, Husqvarna, and Texas to help you keep your property clean and tidy.
Our garden machinery centre is stocked with modern blowers, debris loaders, sweepers, and vacuums designed to deliver excellent results for both homeowners and commercial groundscare professionals alike.
All of our products can be purchased easily online and delivered right to your door for free in Ireland on orders over €60.
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Ariens APV (All Purpose Vac.)
Item No. AR995303 Low stock
Ariens New Yes Petrol
€ 1.150,00 -26,09% € 850,00
Billygoat Hose Kit KV Series
Item No. BG891125 Low stock
€ 344,99
Billygoat KV600 Vacuum
Item No. BGKV600 Low stock
Billygoat New Petrol 190 Briggs & Stratton Push 68
€ 1.400,01
Billygoat KV650SPH Vacuum
Item No. BGKV650SPH Low stock
New Petrol 187 Honda Self Propelled - 1 speed 68
€ 2.100,00
Echo ES-250ES Shred 'N' Vac
Item No. EOES-250ES In stock
Echo Two Stroke
€ 359,00
Echo PB-2520 Blower
Item No. EOPB-2520 In stock
Echo Two Stroke
€ 299,00
Echo PB-2620 Blower
Item No. EOPB-2620 Out of Stock
Echo Two Stroke 25 13
€ 329,00
Echo PB-580 Backpack Blower
Item No. EOPB-580 In stock
Echo Two Stroke
€ 589,00
Echo PB-770 Backpack Blower
Item No. EOPB-770 In stock
Echo Two Stroke
€ 759,00
Husqvarna 125B Blower
Item No. HV125B In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke
€ 315,00
Husqvarna 125BVX Blow Vac
Item No. HV125BVX Out of Stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke 28cc 12 800 Watt
€ 370,00
Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Blower
Item No. HV350BT In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke
€ 620,01
Husqvarna 525BX Blower
Item No. HV525BX In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke
€ 395,00
Husqvarna 570BTS Backpack Blower
Item No. HV570BTS Low stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke 66 22
€ 785,00
Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Blower
Item No. HV580BTS In stock
Husqvarna Two Stroke
€ 845,00
Texas Handy Sweep 710B Sweeper
Item No. TX90067513 In stock
Texas New Petrol 35 - 90
€ 958,99
Texas Smart Sweep 800 Sweeper
Item No. TX90066691 Out of Stock
Texas New 173 3F + 1R 80
€ 1.249,00