Garden Machinery Chargers

Atkins supplies high-quality battery chargers for a wide range of Husqvarna garden machinery batteries, including table, car, and wall-mounted chargers. Some models contain self-cooling functionality to reduce excessive heat while others are compatible with all BLi handheld batteries from Husqvarna garden machinery.
Take advantage of free delivery within Ireland on orders over €60. Note that batteries are not included.
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Husqvarna QC250 Battery Charger
Item No. HVQC250 In stock
€ 80,00
Husqvarna QC330 Charger
Item No. HVQC330 In stock
Husqvarna New Battery
€ 110,00
Husqvarna QC500 Charger
Item No. HVQC500 In stock
Husqvarna New Battery
€ 155,00
Husqvarna QC80 Battery Charger
Item No. HVQC80 In stock
New Battery
€ 55,01
Husqvarna QC80F Car Charger 12V
Item No. HVQC80F Low stock
€ 90,00