Battery Husqvarna Leaf Blowers

Our durable, hardworking battery blowers deliver the full performance of petrol-powered leaf blowers with minimal noise and no fumes. As part of our extensive garden machinery range we carry an extensive selection of Husqvarna battery leaf blowers all come with a comfortable grip, multiple modes for various applications, and superb balance no matter the size of your garden.
Our Husqvarna leaf blowers range in airflow from 46 m/s on the lower end to 54 m/s for heavy-duty leaf blowing. Free delivery available online from Atkins throughout Ireland for orders over €60.
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€ 190,00
Husqvarna 120iB Battery Blower Kit
Item No. HV120IB KIT In stock
€ 280,00
Husqvarna 525iB Battery Blower
Item No. HV525IB In stock
Husqvarna Battery
€ 425,00
Husqvarna 530iBX Battery Blower
Item No. HV530IBX Out of Stock
Husqvarna Battery
€ 485,00
€ 675,00
Husqvarva 320iB Battery Blower
Item No. HV320IB In stock
Husqvarna Battery
€ 335,00