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Come to Atkins for professional welding supplies in Cork. Our welding & soldering products are ideal for general purpose welding projects on agricultural properties, equipment, and machinery. 
We carry a wide range of products from brands such as Draper, Electroweld, and King Tony. Weld safely and efficiently with our solder tubes, welding glass, starter cables, goggles, faceshields, and arc inverters. No matter the job at hand, we’ve got supplies to ensure the job is done right the first time. 
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15Kg Mig Wire 1mm
Item No. SHS02681 In stock
€ 55,01
180 ST-MIG Transformer Welder
Item No. SHS05718 Low stock
€ 675,00
289 Electrodes 10G (3 Pkts)
Item No. TLEW289BUN In stock
€ 35,01
289S Electrode 3.25mm (6P)
Item No. TLEW289325 In stock
€ 17,99 -15,23% € 15,25
400Amp Earth Clamp
Item No. TL77585 In stock
€ 8,00
6" Welder Angle Clamp
Item No. SHS07648 Low stock
€ 60,00
60W Soldering Iron 230V
Item No. TLD85356 In stock
€ 17,50
9" Welder Angle Clamp
Item No. SHS07649 Low stock
€ 85,82
Anti-spatter Lens -narrow 4 1/4"x 2"
Item No. PG330003N In stock
€ 1,76
Anti-spatter Lens 4 1/4"x 3 1/4"
Item No. PG330003 In stock
€ 1,76
Autoplus 210ST DP MIG
Item No. SHS05720 Low stock
€ 799,00
Chipping Hammer
Item No. TL77341 In stock
€ 4,50
Citofix 10G Weld Rods 3.2mm
Item No. TL77576 In stock
€ 17,90
Citofix 12G Weld Rods 2.5mm
Item No. TL77575 In stock
€ 18,99
Citofix 8G Weld Rods 4.0mm
Item No. TL77577 In stock
€ 18,99
Dark Weld Glass - Narrow 4 1/4"x 2"
Item No. PG330001N In stock
€ 1,65
Dark Weld Glass 4 1/4"x 3 1/4"
Item No. PG330001 In stock
€ 1,65
Draper 30w Soldering Iron 230v
Item No. TLD85354 In stock
€ 22,95
Electrode Holder
Item No. TL77587 In stock
€ 12,00
General Purpose Brazing Rod(2)
Item No. TL77560 In stock
€ 12,50
Goggles - 2" Flip Up
Item No. TLEWZINPOL In stock
€ 6,00
H.D. Screw Type Earth Clamp 60
Item No. TLEWSCRCLA In stock
€ 15,01
Hg1400Da 140A Arc/Tig Inverter
Item No. SHS05711 In stock
€ 375,00
Hilka 40W Soldering Iron
Item No. TL91400040 Out of Stock
€ 12,00
King Tony 100W Soldering Iron
Item No. TL6BC210C Low stock
King Tony
€ 39,90
King Tony 60W Soldering Iron
Item No. TL6BC26C In stock
King Tony
€ 24,91
King Tony Gas Soldering Iron Set
Item No. TL6BC3007 In stock
King Tony
€ 64,89
King Tony Soldering Wire Small Tube
Item No. TL6BF11-17 In stock
King Tony
€ 4,94
Lead Free Solder Wire 1.2mm X 250g
Item No. TLD97994 In stock
€ 29,95
€ 32,00