Grease Guns & Pumps

All farm machinery needs to be well-lubricated with handy pumps, grease guns, and funnels to facilitate the application process of your high-performance oils and lubricants. Atkins farm shop carries a wide selection of lubricating accessories such as syphon pumps, battery grease guns, oil cans, oil jugs, replacement hoses and couplers, grease clamps, fuel cans, and measuring jugs. 
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100Cc Mini Grease Gun
Item No. TLD34400 In stock
€ 17,95
10Lt.Black Plastic Fuel Can
Item No. TLD82693 Low stock
€ 17,50
10Lt.Green Plastic Fuel Can
Item No. TLD82694 Low stock
€ 17,50
18V Cordless Grease Gun
Item No. TLD83378 In stock
€ 269,00
4Pc.Funnel Set
Item No. TLD43853 In stock
€ 2,50
Air Grease Gun
Item No. SHS07540 In stock
€ 47,00
Brass Hosetail 1"Bspx1"Hose
Item No. OLBRASSRC1025 Low stock
€ 5,95
Clear Plastic Measuring Jug - 2L
Item No. XS11777 Low stock
€ 11,89
Clear Plastic Measuring Jug - 3L
Item No. XS12300 In stock
€ 13,51
Clear Plastic Measuring Jug - 5L
Item No. XS12301 In stock
€ 16,00
Connector Nut 1/8" Bsp
Item No. XS815 In stock
€ 1,40
€ 199,00
Draper Air Grease Gun 400cc
Item No. TLD70836 Low stock
€ 35,01
Flex. Funnel C/W Filter
Item No. XS5740 In stock
€ 14,75
Flexible Funnel
Item No. TLD56141 In stock
€ 3,95
Force Feed Oil Can 500Ml.
Item No. TLD21719 In stock
€ 9,95
Force Feed Oil Can 700Ml.
Item No. TLD21720 In stock
€ 12,00
Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun 1 Hand
Item No. OL8601 In stock
€ 75,01
Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun 2 Hand
Item No. OL8600 In stock
€ 69,00
Fuel Delivery Gun - Auto Cut-off
Item No. OL24053 In stock
€ 93,00
Fuel Delivery Hose 4m C/w 1"BSP Ends
Item No. OLDDH14A Low stock
€ 58,00
Fuel Delivery Kit 4m 1"BSP Gravity Feed
Item No. OLTOG1011A In stock
€ 119,00
Fuel Delivery Nozzle - Manual
Item No. OL24050 In stock
€ 29,90
Funnel C/W Filter 155mm Dia.
Item No. XS5741 In stock
€ 14,50
G Grease Coupler 1/8"Bsp
Item No. OLGC18 In stock
€ 25,01
G Grease Coupler M10X1 Metric
Item No. OLGC10 In stock
€ 25,01
G Gun Heavy Duty Greaser 8Kg
Item No. OLGGUN In stock
€ 349,00 -14,33% € 299,00
Grease Gun C/W 12"Flex.Tube
Item No. XS29978 In stock
€ 27,00
Grease Gun Flex Hose 300mm 1/8"BSP
Item No. XS11238 In stock
€ 7,95
Grease Gun Flex Hose 500mm 1/8"BSP
Item No. XS11239 In stock
€ 9,50