Agri Oils

Achieve maximum performance from your agricultural equipment and machinery with specially-formulated agri oils and universal tractor oils from Atkins. Products such as our Castrol agri oil and Ultra-Trans tractor transmission oil grade are ideal for reducing shearing whilst ensuring effective drive under all conditions. Our oils and lubricants will also protect against rust and general wear and tear. 
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Akcela 20Lt Dextron Atf
Item No. OL17321900 Low stock
€ 110,00
€ 69,00
Akcela Hytran Ultraction 20Lt.
Item No. OL17731910 In stock
€ 99,00
Akcela No.1 Engine Oil 20Lt.
Item No. OL17631910 In stock
€ 88,99
Akros Universal 10W30 20Lt.
Item No. OL2243G191 Low stock
€ 88,99
Castrol Agri Mp 20Lt.
Item No. OL8424 In stock
€ 89,95
Castrol Agri Transplus 20Lt.
Item No. OL8392 In stock
€ 89,00
Fendt Extra Grade 20Lt.15W-40
Item No. OLFX991500081 In stock
€ 89,00
Fendt Extra Trans 20Lt.
Item No. OLFX991500131 In stock
€ 86,00
€ 40,66
LHM Mineral Brake Fluid 1Lt.
Item No. XS105914 In stock
€ 12,95
Maxol 20Lt.Superfarm 15/30 S/U
Item No. OL8453 In stock
€ 69,00
Maxol 20Lt.Ultrafarm 10W30
Item No. OL8439 In stock
€ 70,00
Maxol Chain Oil 1Lt.
Item No. OL8434 In stock
€ 6,95
Maxol Chain Oil 20Lt. Drum
Item No. OL8436 In stock
€ 59,00
Maxol Hydramax 32 (5Lt.)
Item No. OL8454 In stock
€ 21,00
Maxol Prism 80/90 Gear Oil 5Lt
Item No. OL8446 In stock
€ 27,00
Maxol Prism Chain Oil 5Lt.
Item No. OL8433 In stock
€ 18,99
Neolube Hyd.32 20Lt.
Item No. OL8455 In stock
€ 50,00
Neolube Hyd.46 20Lt.
Item No. OL8456 In stock
€ 50,00
Portable Fuel Pump 12V
Item No. OL24055 Low stock
€ 195,00
Ultra-Trans Cv 20Lt.
Item No. OLVACC3584 In stock
€ 99,00