Fram Fencing Supplies

Atkins is your first choice for comprehensive farm fencing supplies in Ireland. We carry a wide range of farm fence products and tools such as farm fence wire, wood farm fence staples and nails, and batteries and accessories for electric fencing.
If you’ve got railway sleepers, our wires and fencing products can create a robust, reliable fence, but we also carry steel and plastic posts if you require. All fencing supplies are eligible for free shipping in Ireland on orders over €60.
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12G High Tensile Wire
Item No. FNS8166 In stock
€ 59,95
12G Mild Steel Wire (2.5mm G.P
Item No. FNS8164 In stock
€ 59,00
2.5Kgs. 14G Wire
Item No. FNS8176 In stock
€ 8,50
200 Yds. Stranded Wire
Item No. FNS8170 In stock
€ 11,50
78mm Draper A.b.s. Line Level
Item No. TLD75111 In stock
€ 3,00
Alum.Fence Mallet C/W Handle
Item No. MS95087 In stock
€ 65,01
Arm 10"HT Wire/Bolt Cutters
Item No. FNHA250 Low stock
€ 24,00
Ck Fencing Pliers 265mm
Item No. TLCX3866 In stock
€ 44,96
Draper 12lb.fencing Hammer F/G Shaft
Item No. TLD81065 In stock
€ 49,00
€ 45,01
€ 39,00
€ 27,00
Draper Fencing Pliers 10"
Item No. TLD68450 In stock
€ 17,95
Earth Stake 5Ft. Long+Clamp
Item No. FNPA42 In stock
€ 14,96
Electric Rope
Item No. FNPA662 In stock
€ 36,00
EP Handle & Insulator Kit
Item No. FNEP-KIT In stock
€ 36,51 -19,25% € 29,48
Fence Post Rammer
Item No. TLD26479 Low stock
€ 79,90
Fence Wire Tensioning Tool
Item No. TLD57547 In stock
€ 55,50
€ 22,00
Gripple Tensioning Tool( Pvc)
Item No. FN30850212 Low stock
€ 114,99
Handle For Pa16 Strainers
Item No. FNPA6 Low stock
€ 18,01
Hot Tape 200M Reel White
Item No. FNPA852/12 In stock
€ 16,00
Intertrade Fencing Maul
Item No. MS95156 In stock
€ 35,01
Offset Screw In 210mm(pack Of 10)
Item No. FNS7123P In stock
€ 9,00
PEL 102B Battery Fencer 9V .17J
Item No. FNPE102B Low stock
€ 159,00
PEL 102BV Battery Fencer 9V (Value)
Item No. FNPE102BV In stock
€ 130,00
PEL 301 Fencer 1 Joule - Mains Ready
Item No. FNPE301 In stock
€ 165,00
PEL 302 Fencer 2 Joule - Mains Ready
Item No. FNPE302 In stock
€ 199,00
PEL 303 Fencer 3 Joule - Mains Ready
Item No. FNPE303 In stock
€ 199,00
PEL 304 Fencer 4 Joule - Mains Ready
Item No. FNPE304 In stock
€ 259,00