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13.5mm Milk Tubing (Per Coil)
Item No. SN135 In stock
€ 115,00
Alternative 386 Liner (Per Set
Item No. SND386 In stock
€ 33,00
Coil Of 10mm Pulse Tubing
Item No. SN10 In stock
€ 90,00
Coil Of 14.5mm Mlk Tubing
Item No. SN145 In stock
€ 110,00
Coil Of 16mm Milk Tubing
Item No. SN16 In stock
€ 125,01
Coil Of 20mm Transfer Tubing
Item No. SN20 In stock
€ 120,00
Dairymaster Liner (Per Pkt)
Item No. SN916S Out of stock
€ 35,01
Dairymaster Milk-Rite Liner
Item No. SNDM916U In stock
€ 27,75
Gascoigne Liner (Per Pkt)
Item No. SN1030 In stock
€ 32,00
JF 56-73-08 Lining Acc.
Item No. JF1341-9566 In stock
€ 25,01
Kingston 230 Liner (per Pkt)
Item No. SNMM230 In stock
€ 27,50
Liner Milk-Rite (replaces 958123)
Item No. MU958123U In stock
€ 28,50
Milk Rite 295 Alfa Liner
Item No. SNDL295U In stock
€ 29,00
Pearson Liners Per Set
Item No. SNPEARSON In stock
€ 29,00
Rubber Tubing (32mm) 11/4" 6Ft
Item No. SN32 In stock
€ 50,00
Rubber Tubing (38mm)11/2" Leng
Item No. SN38 In stock
€ 75,01
Twin Pulse Tubing 7mm Per Roll
Item No. SNTWIN7 In stock
€ 99,99
Twin Pulse Tubing 8 mm Per Rol
Item No. SNTWIN8 In stock
€ 122,00