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Atkins is Ireland’s leading farm shop supplier for dairy products & accessories. Our dairy farm equipment is durable and hardworking to enable maximum efficiency whilst milking without causing discomfort to you or to the animal.
We carry products to assist with dairy hygiene, cow bowls, cattle back scratchers, dairy farm clothing, ankle straps, dairy liners, and much more. Our product specialists in Cork, Bandon, Fermoy, and Birr have ensured that our dairy products provide great value for money.
Our dairy farm accessories and small dairy farm equipment are eligible for free delivery within Ireland on orders over €60. Order online from our product catalogue below.
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13.5mm Milk Tubing (Per Coil)
Item No. SN135 In stock
€ 115,00
Alternative 386 Liner (Per Set
Item No. SND386 In stock
€ 33,54
Ankle Straps Re-Use Red
Item No. SHCTL18565 In stock
€ 26,00
Ankle Straps(Re Use)Yellow
Item No. SHCTL25565 In stock
€ 25,01
Ankle Straps/Re-Use Blue
Item No. SHCTL02565 In stock
€ 24,90
Ankle Straps/Re-Use Orange
Item No. SHCTL15565 Low stock
€ 20,00
€ 118,01
Claw Bowl Compl.(Milk Ware)
Item No. SN5196 In stock
€ 40,66
Coil Of 10mm Pulse Tubing
Item No. SN10 In stock
€ 90,00
Coil Of 14.5mm Mlk Tubing
Item No. SN145 In stock
€ 110,00
Coil Of 16mm Milk Tubing
Item No. SN16 In stock
€ 127,07
Coil Of 20mm Transfer Tubing
Item No. SN20 In stock
€ 129,10
Cow Scratcher
Item No. SH2002 In stock
€ 155,00
Dairymaster Claw Bowl
Item No. SN6001 In stock
€ 28,00
Dairymaster Milk-Rite Liner
Item No. SNDM916U In stock
€ 28,20
Dump Bucket White With 1 Handl
Item No. SN702048 Low stock
€ 165,69
Efco 18A Diaphragm
Item No. SH54085 In stock
€ 43,00
Flexothane Dairy Gown Large
Item No. SH1996 In stock
€ 77,50
Gascoigne Liner (Per Pkt)
Item No. SN1030 In stock
€ 32,53
Gmb Claw Bowl Complete
Item No. SN5195 In stock
€ 24,40
Gmb Clawpiece 2X2 (Fullwood
Item No. SNGMB2 Low stock
€ 99,62
Gmb Clawpiece 4X0 (Fullwood)
Item No. SNGMB1 Low stock
€ 99,00
Kingston 230 Liner (per Pkt)
Item No. SNMM230 In stock
€ 27,00
Kowan Gown Large
Item No. SH1987 In stock
€ 75,01
Manus Claw Bowl Complete
Item No. MU955645-01P In stock
€ 79,29
Milk Rite 295 Alfa Liner
Item No. SNDL295U In stock
€ 29,48
Pearson Liners Per Set
Item No. SNPEARSON In stock
€ 31,00
Portable Gas Dehorner
Item No. SHCTL819 Low stock
€ 210,00
Rubber Tubing (32mm) 11/4" 6Ft
Item No. SN32 In stock
€ 50,82
Rubber Tubing (38mm)11/2" Leng
Item No. SN38 In stock
€ 76,25