High Visibility Clothing

Safety is a prime consideration in modern agriculture, which is why hi-vis clothing is essential for farm workers. We carry vests, trousers, bodywarmers, and safety jackets from brands such as Mascot and Pottinger in bright yellow and orange. Our high-visibility clothing is designed to fit comfortably as a top layer over other articles of clothing.
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€ 74,01
€ 39,00
Hi-Vis Bodywarmer Reversible
Item No. PG332617 In stock
€ 29,95
Hi-Vis Jacket
Item No. PG331864 In stock
€ 35,01
Hi-Vis Legend 2 Tone Jacket
Item No. PG332000 In stock
€ 49,00
€ 15,90
Hi-Vis Soft Shell Jacket
Item No. PG331883 In stock
€ 55,01
Hi-Vis Vest
Item No. PG331893 In stock
€ 5,01
Hi-Vis Vest & Led Light
Item No. PG331894 In stock
€ 12,00
€ 15,90
Hi-Vis Yellow Pvc Trousers
Item No. PG331898 In stock
€ 19,00
Kiama Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket
Item No. PG15902-253-14010 In stock
€ 93,48
Kiama Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket
Item No. PG15902-253-17010 In stock
€ 92,13
Kiama Hi-vis Softshell Jacket
Item No. PG15902-253-17010-4X Low stock
€ 136,00
Mascot Maitland Hi-Vis Trouser
Item No. PG15979-948 In stock
€ 65,07
Pottinger Safety Jacket with Pouch
Item No. PNP97+DRES900 In stock
€ 7,00