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Our cleaning products & accessories are ideal farm cleaning tools that are built to stand up to the rigorous daily use demanded in agricultural settings. Whether you’re cleaning or sanitising floors, windows, or exterior siding of your barn, shop with confidence at Atkins.
We carry a wide selection of brushes, detergents, pressure washers and accessories, pumps, and more to keep your agricultural operation sanitary, healthy, and visibly clean. Our Farm Shop catalogue includes products from well-known brands such as Draper and SIP.
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10l Vehicle Pressure Sprayer/ Wash Brush
Item No. TLD63109 Low stock
€ 27,99
1250mm Alloy Broom/Mop Handle
Item No. TLD24835 Low stock
€ 9,00
18"Straight Squeegee (5Hole)
Item No. MSS7118 In stock
€ 15,01
200mm Telescopic Squeegee+Sponge
Item No. TLD73860 In stock
€ 9,50
22"Straight Squeegee (6Hole)
Item No. MSS7122 Low stock
€ 17,00
3Ft Ny Sweeps Canes-Polypropyl
Item No. MS50001 In stock
€ 3,49
4" Drop Scraper
Item No. MS51001 In stock
€ 4,50
4" Plunger
Item No. MS51003 Low stock
€ 3,70
5L Hd Agri Detergent
Item No. SHAAP005 In stock
€ 17,00
8' x 18" x 1" Yard Scraper Rubber
Item No. MSS7134 In stock
€ 179,00
8' x 18" Yard Scraper Rubber 20mm
Item No. MSS7133 In stock
€ 130,00
Bale Of Rag Wipes 10Kg
Item No. MS93745 In stock
€ 18,01
Banstr Black/White Plain Brush
Item No. MS07000 In stock
€ 2,95
Banstr Soft/Stiff Nylon Brush
Item No. MS07003 In stock
€ 3,51
Black+White Yard Brush Head
Item No. MS99942 In stock
€ 9,95
Broom Bracket Plastic (23mm Handle)
Item No. TLD43788 In stock
€ 0,95
Broom Clamp Only
Item No. MS50007 In stock
€ 7,95
Cleaning Caddy
Item No. TLD24776 In stock
€ 7,01
€ 105,01
Deck Scrub Brush Head
Item No. MS10006 In stock
€ 4,50
Domestic 9lt. Plastic Bucket
Item No. TLD24777 In stock
€ 5,95
Double Worm Screw 4"
Item No. MS51002 In stock
€ 5,60
€ 32,00
Draper FPM Pump Sprayer (10lt.)
Item No. TLD82457 In stock
€ 79,00
Dual Scraper 18" Aluminium
Item No. SHJON053 In stock
€ 110,00
Dustpan Set (53002)
Item No. MS53002 In stock
€ 3,95
Ferroni PTO Washer (Green)
Item No. PT7001 In stock
€ 290,00
General Purpose Brush Nylon
Item No. MS15000 In stock
€ 6,00
General Purpose Brush Union
Item No. MS15001 In stock
€ 5,51
H/D Metal Broom Bracket
Item No. TLD43789 In stock
€ 7,95