Animal Care Products

Keeping your livestock healthy and well-shorn starts with hardworking animal care products such as our reliable clippers and shears. Clipping and shearing is necessary at least once every year to help your livestock breathe and to remove fibres for further processing, but it’s also a challenging task that requires a steady hand and reliable equipment.
That’s why Atkins carries clippers, clipper blades, and accessories to facilitate the process and to improve shearing efficiency without causing discomfort to yourself or to the animal.
All of our animal care products are eligible for free delivery in Ireland for purchases over €60. Take advantage of our online delivery today.
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Aircool 2 Clippers Inc A2 Blad
Item No. FKW7 In stock
€ 400,00
Cattle Blades
Item No. FKA6 In stock
€ 55,01
Clipping Oil
Item No. FKWE83 In stock
€ 8,00
€ 350,00
€ 370,00
Coarse Blades Lister
Item No. FK258-11860 In stock
€ 55,01
Conversion Cable Lithium to Clippers
Item No. FK258-39340 Low stock
€ 50,00
Fusion Clippers Blue Standard
Item No. FK258-40701 Low stock
€ 400,00
€ 400,00
Heinger Coarse Blades
Item No. FKH6 In stock
€ 50,00
Heinger Fine Blade
Item No. FKH2 In stock
€ 57,99
Horse Blades
Item No. FKA2 In stock
€ 55,01
Liberty Charger
Item No. FK258-33010 In stock
€ 60,00
€ 420,00
Lister Blade (Fine)
Item No. FK258-11850 In stock
€ 54,00
Lister Clipping Oil 250Ml
Item No. FK178-10680 In stock
€ 7,50
Lister Fusion Shear Blue
Item No. FK258-40001 Low stock
€ 440,00
Lister Laser Clippers
Item No. FK258-36610 Low stock
€ 350,00
Lister Liberty Lithium Clippers
Item No. FK258-39410 In stock
€ 450,00
Lister Wizard 13 Tooth
Item No. FK258-12570 In stock
€ 61,50
Lithium Battery only
Item No. FK258-39330 In stock
€ 170,01
Lithium Pack Conversion Kit
Item No. FK258-39560 In stock
€ 250,00