Atkins Cork Farm Shop

The Atkins Farm Shop carries a huge range of tools, clothing, footwear, lighting and various workshop accessories.  The Farm Shop has tools from various tool suppliers like King Tony, Draper, True Temper and Sparex.  These companies also supply Atkins with spare parts, welding equipment and accessories for use on the farm and beyond.  Milking parlour products and supporting accessories like clothing, pipes, cleaning equipment are also featured.  We also have an extensive range of animal husbandry items and offer a blade sharpening service.

We stock and supply merchandise from farm equipment suppliers.  This includes clothing and other merchandise from Farm equipment suppliers including McHale, Fendt and Pottinger.  There are also toys and merchandise from Husqvarna, Fendt and Pottinger.

The footwear department in the Farm Shop has safety boots and wellingtons from Dunlop (wellingtons), Grisport, No Risk and Expert with a broad stock of non-safety items from the same suppliers.  Clothing features Mascot, Hoggs of Fife and Regatta work and casual wear.  Hardware available in the Farm Shop includes 247 Lighting, various trailer accessories and parts, safety gear, paints and oils. Atkins Farm Shop also has an extensive range of electric fencing products, featuring PEL fencing parts and accessories.

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"Trailer Cop" Security Lock
Item No. TH19310 In stock
€ 25,01
1-4Series Bare PTO Guard 1.5M
Item No. WSAS20131 In stock
€ 70,00
1.8Lt.Pressure Sprayer
Item No. TLD82463 In stock
€ 9,95
1/2" Bolt-On Hinge Hook
Item No. TH144 In stock
€ 3,00
1/2" Sq. Dr. Breaker Bar (640mm)
Item No. TLD34334 In stock
€ 26,00
1/2" Weld-On Hinge Hook
Item No. TH141 In stock
€ 2,01
1/2"Garden Hose Connector
Item No. TLD25901 In stock
€ 2,25
1/2"Garden Hose Mender
Item No. TLD25904 In stock
€ 1,96
1/2"Hose Connector With Water Stop
Item No. TLD25902 In stock
€ 2,49
1/2"Ramp Fastner
Item No. TH160 In stock
€ 22,01
1/4"BSP Female Adaptor
Item No. TTP298020 In stock
€ 2,95
1/4"BSP Male Adaptor
Item No. TTP298018 In stock
€ 2,95
100Cc Mini Grease Gun
Item No. TLD34400 In stock
€ 17,94
10l Vehicle Pressure Sprayer/ Wash Brush
Item No. TLD63109 In stock
€ 28,00
10M Roll 3 Core Cable 14/0.30
Item No. LCEP616.10 In stock
€ 22,00
10M Roll 5 Core Cable 14/.30
Item No. LCEP617.10 In stock
€ 34,00
10M Roll 7 Core Cable 7X9/.30
Item No. LCEP618.10 In stock
€ 30,95
10M Roll Single Cable 14/.30
Item No. LCEP610.10 In stock
€ 6,50
10M Roll Single Cable 28/.30
Item No. LCEP611.10 In stock
€ 10,50
10M Roll Twin Cable 14/.30
Item No. LCEP614.10 In stock
247 Lighting
€ 14,50
10M Roll Twin Cable 28/.30 H/D
Item No. LCEP615.10 In stock
€ 26,50
10Pc.Assorted Bungees
Item No. TLD63545 In stock
€ 12,95
10Pc.Extra Long Hex Key Set M
Item No. TLD33895 Out of stock
€ 32,00
11"Double Dip Green Gloves
Item No. PG330025 Out of stock
€ 4,95
118mm Suction Dent Puller
Item No. TLD69187 Low stock
€ 9,95
12" X 1 1/2"H.D. H.T. Hitch EN8
Item No. TH113 In stock
€ 48,00
€ 29,00
12G High Tensile Wire
Item No. FNS8166 In stock
€ 59,00
12G Mild Steel Wire (2.5mm G.P
Item No. FNS8164 In stock
€ 59,00
12Lb.Fencing Hammer F/G Shaft
Item No. TLD81065 Out of stock
€ 49,01
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