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Atkins’ Farm Shop in Cork supplies quality farm products and equipment to help you work productively and efficiently. We are also Ireland’s leading supplier of garden machinery, farm machinery and products from a wide selection of well-known brands such as Kubota, Fendt, King Tony, Draper, and much more.
Our farm products are suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications, so whether you’re caring for 30 hectares of land or more, you’ll find that our products and machinery are up to the job.
We carry a wide range of farm shop products, including: animal care, cleaning, clothing, dairy, farm yard, fasteners, footwear, farming implements, lubricants, paints, tools, toys, trailers, farm vehicles, and workshop tools.
Our specialists in Cork, Bandon, Fermoy and Birr are here to assist you with any enquiries you may have. We provide free delivery within Ireland. Order online today.
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Fireball Turbo Fan 2000
Item No. SHS09128 Low stock
€ 45,01
King Tony 26pc. Metric Comb. Spanner Set
Item No. TL1226MR In stock
King Tony
€ 199,00
"Trailer Cop" Security Lock
Item No. TH19310 In stock
€ 25,01
1" Tailboard Forket
Item No. TH157 In stock
€ 7,50
1" Tailboard Lug
Item No. TH159 In stock
€ 6,49
1-4Series Bare PTO Guard 1.5M
Item No. WSAS20131 In stock
€ 71,16
1.8Lt.Pressure Sprayer
Item No. TLD82463 In stock
€ 9,95
1/2 Reversible Drill
Item No. SHS06711 In stock
€ 45,01
1/2" Bolt-On Hinge Hook
Item No. TH144 In stock
€ 3,50
1/2" Bsp Dust Cap Blue
Item No. XS14065 In stock
€ 1,50
1/2" Bsp Dust Cap Green
Item No. XS14061 In stock
€ 1,50
1/2" Bsp Dust Cap Red
Item No. XS14063 In stock
€ 1,50
1/2" Bsp Dust Plug Blue
Item No. XS14064 In stock
€ 1,50
1/2" Bsp Dust Plug Green
Item No. XS14060 Low stock
€ 1,50
1/2" Bsp Dust Plug Red
Item No. XS14062 Low stock
€ 1,50
1/2" Dr. 12Pc. Socket Set On Rail
Item No. TLD16402 In stock
€ 25,01
1/2" Dr. Stubby Composite Impact Gun
Item No. TLD67089 In stock
€ 149,00
1/2" Sq. Dr. Breaker Bar (640mm)
Item No. TLD34334 In stock
€ 26,00
1/2" Weld-On Hinge Hook
Item No. TH141 In stock
€ 2,00
1/2"Log Splitter Valve
Item No. THP811000 In stock
€ 110,00
1/4" Air Angle Grinder
Item No. SHS07555 In stock
€ 42,00
1/4"BSP Female Adaptor
Item No. TTP298020 In stock
€ 2,95
1/4"Bsp Flow Regulator
Item No. FXDV03001 Low stock
€ 45,00
1/4"BSP Male Adaptor
Item No. TTP298018 In stock
€ 2,95
10"Hickory Club Hammer Handle
Item No. TL78360 In stock
€ 4,50
100Cc Mini Grease Gun
Item No. TLD34400 In stock
€ 17,95
100M Poly Brick Line
Item No. TLD27425 In stock
€ 5,50
10l Vehicle Pressure Sprayer/ Wash Brush
Item No. TLD63109 Low stock
€ 27,99
10Lt.Black Plastic Fuel Can
Item No. TLD82693 Low stock
€ 17,50
10Lt.Green Plastic Fuel Can
Item No. TLD82694 Low stock
€ 17,50
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