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2017 Major Cyclone 2.8m Mower
Item No. UF232926 Low stock
Major Used Yes
€ 5.600,00
Einbock Grass Manager 300 Harrow
Item No. CLEBH3 In stock
Einbock New
€ 3.800,00
Flemming 8ft Side Mtd. Topper
Item No. UF233233 Low stock
Fleming Used
€ 2.500,00
Gormley 8' x 30" x 3/8" Land Roller
Item No. OFGO8-30-10 In stock
Gormley New
€ 1.700,00
Gormley 8' x 36" x 1/2" Land Roller
Item No. OFGO8-36-12 Low stock
Gormley New
€ 2.350,00
Gormley 9' x 36" x 1/2" Land Roller
Item No. OFGO9-36-12 In stock
Gormley New
€ 2.500,00
Gormley 9' x 36" x 5/8" Land Roller
Item No. OFGO9-36-16 In stock
Gormley New
€ 2.750,00
Gormley 9ft Land Roller c/w Hydraulic Wheels
Item No. OFGO9-36-16HYDW In stock
Gormley New
€ 4.800,00
Grass Tech 120B Zero Grazer
Item No. UF228393 Low stock
Grass Tech Used
€ 17.479,67
Grass Tech GT80 Zero Grazer
Item No. UF233205 Low stock
Grass Tech Used
€ 17.500,00
Hi Spec 8' Trailed Topper
Item No. UF233562 Out of stock
Hi Spec Used
€ 1.250,00
Major 2.5M Cyclone Mower
Item No. MJ2500CM Low stock
€ 6.800,01
Major 800 Side Mounted Topper
Item No. MJ800SM Out of stock
€ 5.300,00
Major 9Ft Trailed Topper
Item No. MJ9FTGD-HD Low stock
€ 6.350,00
Major Eagle Wing Topper
Item No. UF233442 Low stock
Major Used Yes
€ 5.535,00
Perfect KM-270 Flail Topper
Item No. PFKM270 Out of stock
€ 9.500,00
Perfect KR-270 Flail Topper
Item No. PFKR-270 Low stock
€ 7.500,00
Perfect KW-270 Flail Topper
Item No. PFKW-270 Low stock
€ 6.900,00
Perfect LB-185 6' Topper
Item No. PFLB-185 In stock
€ 2.800,00
Perfect LB-245V 8' Topper
Item No. PFLB-245V In stock
€ 3.550,00
Perfect LB-275V 9' Topper
Item No. PFLB-275V In stock
€ 3.850,00
Used Watson Land Roller
Item No. UF233169 Out of stock
Watson Used No
€ 2.250,00
Watson Hydraulic Rotating End Tow Roller
Item No. WW12-36-14 RETHWK In stock
Watson New
€ 10.250,00