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Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020

The Atkins Story

Since 1878 John Atkins & Co have been supporting, working with and delivering to Irish Farmers. Through the generations the same top-quality standards have been maintained.


When John (Atkins) met Joseph (Wolfe) to form an agricultural merchants at 49 South Mall, Cork.
An old photo of John Atkins


2nd outlet opened at 5 Patrick's Quay. Company now north & south of the river!

Atkins outlet opened at 5 Patrick's Quay in 1885, historical photo
A photo of an old black and white buisness card for McKenzies, Atkins competitor at the time


McKenzies, a competitor on nearby Camden Quay, acquired. Atkins and McKenzies kept as separate entities offering different products and serving different customers.


Legal entity, John Atkins & Co. Ltd., founded. Registration no. 2827, now one of Ireland's oldest surviving companies.Company 50% owned by both John and Joseph.


Rapid growth required another outlet. 54 South Mall, Cork opened
Photo of an old sketch of 54 South Mall, Cork


WWI, War of Independence, Civil war. Period of retrenchment. John & Joseph, being of the Protestant faith, must have thought about getting out but didn't and passed the business on to the second generation.
Photo of an old poster from War of Independence with text "Farmers of Ireland Join Up & Defend your possessions"
An old black and white photo of farmers working


Expansion again. Southern Seed Company acquired, outlet opened in Dingle (Co. Kerry).
An old photo of man and women in field, two horses pulling the plough


"Economic War", WWII: a grim period in Irish life and farming. Any company does well to come through it.
Photo of Atkins outlet opened in 1950 in Clonakilty


And we're off again. Into the 3rd generation now. Outlet opened in Clonakilty. New fertiliser subsidiary, CFD, complete with drying plant, built at Monahan Rd., Cork. Staff partake in funding the new company.
Photo of an old leaflet from 1961 advertising new Atkins home and garden store opened at Winthrop street


South Mall outlets closed, Winthrop Street "home and garden store" with its cutting edge "self selection" format opened.


Relocation of the farm machinery business from Patricks Quay in Cork City to Carrigrohane Road on the outskirts of the city. Commencement of importation of several lines of machinery from Europe, including Bredal & Bogballe, still successful today.
Photo of the plan for Atkins Farm Machinery new premises on Carrigrohane Road in Cork


Ireland joins EEC, farming flourishes, machinery in demand. Addition of branches at Bandon, Fermoy, Midleton to consolidate the territory of Cork for the farm machinery division. McKenzies (garden machinery) and Gardenworld also thrive on urbanisation or Ireland.
Photo of an old leaflet with sketched lawnmower and text which congratulates John Atkins & Co. LTD on the opening of new premises at Winthrop street
Photo of Peter Wolfe


Peter Wolfe (4th generation) buys out Atkins family shareholders
Photo of Atkins Gardenworld premises on Carrigrohane Road in Cork


Gardenworld rebuilt after a flood the previous year