Bee Supplies

In our garden shops in Cork we stock everything you need in bee care, bee supplies, bee accessories and more. Bees and other insects are vital for pollinating your garden; by carrying pollen from plant to plant bees act as fertiliser for a healthy and flourishing garden.  We stock products like the Triangle Insect Hotel for only €11.99, which makes a great addition to your garden and helps support bee and insect wildlife. To see our full selection of garden wildlife products browse below and Buy Online or visit us in Cork.
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Bee Honeycomb House .

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Tom Chambers
Preis €14.99

Busy Bee House.

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Tom Chambers
Preis €14.99

Classic Hood and Jacket.

Artikel-Nr.GWMEHATVEILOC Geringer Lagerbestand
Preis €65.99

Honey Section Bags.

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Preis €0.26

Ladybird House Silhouette.

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Preis €11.99

Porter Bee Escape.

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Preis €2.15

Triangle Butterfly House.

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Preis €10.99