Engine Pulleys & Clutches

Your hardworking garden machinery’s engine likely operates using a centrifugal clutch to prevent stalling and automatically shutting off when you need it most, so make sure you’re using quality engine pulleys and clutches from Atkins in Ireland. 

We carry noram centrifugal clutches with “A” section pulley grooves designed to operate at up to 2300 rpm engagement. These products are suitable for multiple models of Wacker, Honda, and Loncin engines. Purchase online and receive free delivery in Ireland for orders over €60. 

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Castelgarden 325601584/1 Pulley.

Artikel-Nr.RT325601584/1 Geringer Lagerbestand
GGP / Castelgarden
Preis €46.05

Noram Centrifugal Clutch.

Artikel-Nr.NV33-1401 Auf Lager
Preis €160

Pulley,Idler 4".

Artikel-Nr.AR07300101 Geringer Lagerbestand
Preis €67.44

Replacement Husqvarna 583 51 21-01 Flat Pulley.

Artikel-Nr.RY16596 Im Moment nicht verfügbar.
Husqvarna Replacement
8 mm
70 mm
26.5 mm
Preis €22