Sheila Crean - horticulturalist Sheila Crean - horticulturalist

Welcome to Issue 1 of the Atkins Garden World blog. Sheila Crean who has been horticulturalist in Atkins for the last 8 years is the contributor of this blog and we feel certain that the information will be of use to all gardeners.

Sheila attended Termonfeckin Horticultural College for three years after leaving Secondary School. Four years working with Birchill Landscapes followed and then Sheila gained further experience working with a landscape company in Munich. Greenhouse crop production in Holland for a year added a further string to her horticultural bow, providing another piece of valuable experience. Floral Décor Interior Landscapes was her next port of call, followed by a spell with DJ Murphy Garden Centre, Bandon who possessed a real passion for rare and unusual plants. Immediately prior to working with Atkins, Sheila spent 8 years working very hard growing vegetables on an organic scale.

With her varied and vast array of experience Sheila has gained in the gardening world, she will provide us with insights of what has worked and what products she has found most helpful. For the next number of weeks, Sheila will publish blogs directly relating to the timely work needed in the garden.

Sulphate of Iron Sulphate of Iron

The first problem we will deal with is Moss! There is moss in the lawn, moss on the paths. Moss, moss, moss – it is everywhere this year. I am of the old school of gardening and this will be more apparent in coming weeks, so year after year I apply sulphate of iron to my lawn. You say, my lawn is destroyed with black patches for the next six weeks – this is true, it blackens the moss overnight, but iron is a really good feed to give your lawn. As humans we need iron, so why not feed it to the lawn as well. In six weeks, the moss will disappear and you will have fed the entire lawn, trees, shrubs and hedges. A super product capable of doing all this in one go!

WARNING – If you have a patio area or footpaths, please be very careful as iron will discolour everything:

Do not apply on a windy day

Do not apply in very warm weather

Do not apply straight after mowing the grass (wait 2/3 days)

So, that’s the old-fashioned way – Sulphate of Iron… but the New Kid on the Block is Mo-Bacter – the customer’s choice. You will see some very customer-friendly terms used to describe Mo-Bacter –mob1

Dissolves (a great word!!) the moss in the lawn

It is organic based

No raking out is necessary

Safe for children and pets

Active bacteria transform dead moss into feed

Fees the lawn for up to 100 days

Best applied March – September when temperature is over 10o

So, there you go - two products to treat moss and yes, we do stock both in the Atkins Garden World shop.

That’s all for this week – so visit next week and we will be discussing what to use on the paths, driveways and patios to remove algae, moss etc – a tricky one, but I will tell you what has worked for me. Also, we will talk about seed potatoes, sowing tomatoes from seed and a few new products for killing weeds – organic approved with no Glyphosate.

Until next week, Sheila