Economic management of spraying and spreading will help to reduce costs on the farm. The TeeJet Matrix 430 GPS Guidance System will aid efficient farm, field and crop management by ensuring overlap is minimised. The Tee Jet Matrix 430 is well priced, and is available for at a really attractive €1000 from Atkins (click to visit the site) for a short time.

GPS guidance is no longer too complicated or too costly. Easy operation and affordable pricing make Matrix 430 the best value in GPS guidance. An on-screen lightbar plus coverage mapping reduce skips and overlaps to maximize crop protection. Matrix 430 is a great upgrade from foam markers and lightbars for spraying and spreading.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to move between machines
  • Compact size allows mounting in front of steering wheel for easy viewing during field operation
  • Calculates field area, counts applied acres and produces Google Earth™ coverage maps
  • Provides warning sound when entering into previously applied areas
teejet 430 There is minimal setup needed before operating. The system will allow multiple opeating options - straight, curved, circles and last pass; recording and measuring all activity.

There is also a return to point feature which allows resuming the previous job, picking up where you left off.

Boundary measurement and identification of potential hazards are also significant features which contribute to ensuring maximum coverage with minimum waste.