Sheila Crean - horticulturalist Sheila Crean - horticulturalist
Hello everybody - boy, what great gardening weather. In the olden days, St. Patrick's Day signalled the arrival of spring -
The spuds were planted
Roses pruned
Hydrandges tip pruned
And now, the experts tell us April is the right time to prune apple trees.

But, we will start this week by addressing the problem of Algae/Moss on the patio, tarmac drive and the paths around the house. First, for the patio area, the customer feedback we have is Patio Magic, followed closely by Algon - which is an organic product. For moss on the tarmac path, the customers' choice here is Moss Boss.

chlor kleen 2
But this year, I got so worked up about the green algae everywhere, I purchased Chlor-Kleen, available in our Farm Shop at €27.50 for 20 litres. It is also available in a 5 litre bottle. Wow! What is said is that it is a highly effective cleaner for paths, patios and concrete - BRILLIANT! As might be said in the countryside, I could have the Station Mass just to show off my sparkly clean yard.

With the yard and paths cleaned up, think about the potatoes - if you have not yet purchased seed potatoes, it would be worth doing so this week, as supplies are running out. First Early potatoes are all sold out with the exception of Pentland Javelin (some still available). 2nd Earlies British Queen are also running short, but supplies for the main crop - Roosters, Kerrs Pink etc are still ok.

raised bedI made a raised bed from timber, adding Gee-Up (a great product), farmyard manure and fastgrow seaweed fertiliser - I then planted the first early Colleen and Sharps Express. I will let you all know how these get on later in the year.

Our summer bedding plants are arriving into the shop this week. It must be global warming it is so early in the year, but the weather dictates. Growth is vigorous - I planted the pot on the left last October with spring bulbs - it will be a while before I pot it up with summer bedding plants. I have also a wildflowers going really well - the photo on the right here were taken late in March. We will talk about wild flowers next week, as well as pruning Apple trees, not a particularly easy task.

wild flowers wild 2

Next week we will also have a look at weedkillers - I have plenty of weeds to deal with, and especially for my drive way, I have treated myself to Premazor Turbo - I have never used this product but I hope it is as good as it reads. I will let you all know.

I'll be back next week - between now and then, you can feed the roses and apply potash to all fruit trees and bushes.

Sheila 27th March